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HomeKit smart home

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New home & home renovation

Plan the deployment of your smart home with automatic lighting adjustments. Change the air conditioning temperature from a central controller. View your security camera on your iPhone. Tell your window blinds to close. Or all of the above. It is important to plan early as the usage goals can affect the wiring, sockets and fixtures used.

Acquire HomeKit accessories

Get the right accessories for your smart home, whether for new home projects or add-ons to existing homes. HomeKit accessories that can form a part of the smart home include door locks, lighting, window blinds, air-conditioning, security cameras, water leakage sensors, and many more!

Setup & home integration

Smart home accessories are designed to work together. Home integration enables control of your home accessories with your nearest mobile phone or computer, or even using your voice. Home automation takes it further by automatically making adjustments based on changes in temperature, brightness, occupancy and more!

Whole home Wi-Fi

Eliminate dead zones

Get your whole home covered by Wi-Fi, even in the corners that are currently dead zones. Leave behind the past of poor connections in your corner bedroom, kitchen, or even the entire upper floor.

Faster Internet

Enabling whole home Wi-Fi coverage the right way will help you get the best internet speeds. This makes bandwidth hungry tasks such as 4K video streaming, multi-party video conferencing and gaming smooth instead of stuttering.

WiFi connected computers, tablets and mobile phones at different depths from router

Personal consultation

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If you are having trouble with your Apple products and services, I offer on-site troubleshooting and/or the convenience of round-trip repair or replacement process.

Buy, setup & transfer

When the time comes to get a new device, I offer buying advice based on matching your needs, walking you through the initial setup process, as well as a complete backup and data transfer strategy.


Arrange for one-to-one coaching or small group workshops to learn more about your Apple products and services.

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