Business Services

Microsoft 365 Business

Collaboration with shared data from anywhere using computers, tablets and phones connected via the internet

Collaborate your way

Never miss a business opportunity. Microsoft Teams & Exchange email have you covered whether you prefer to chat, call, meet or email to get things done. You can even selectively include vendors or customers to collaborate with on projects.

Cloud powered

OneDrive storage allows you to work from anywhere, and on any device. Keep your team on the same page by using SharePoint to manage training and sharing company data. Securely share files within your team, and even external parties as your needs require.

Data protection

Have your data backed up on Microsoft 365 Business services that are built with reliability, resiliency and redundancy. Get enterprise-grade protection against spam and malware. Retain email archives to comply with regulations, including those of former employees.

Productivity apps

We are all familiar with Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but productivity tools have grown to include a whole lot more. Assign and track tasks with Lists, To Do & Planner. Capture and respond to employee and customer feedback with Forms. Simplify staff scheduling with time clock and reports using Shifts for Teams. And these are just some of the highlights!

Business identity

Home on the web

Having your own web address makes your business real. This small step is fundamental in creating your brand. Receiving emails from [email protected] makes a stronger impression than [email protected].

Business website

Your business website is a critical component in being able to consistently tell your own story to your customers. Bring your ideas to life with the design and layout of your choice, using your own pictures, icons and words. Then, add-on or customise it whenever it suits you.

Autoflow website design that looks perfect on tablet, computer and mobile phone
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