About Me

Tech solutions that just work right

The right technology makes things easier for you. Or you can just leave it to me.

Most of my work experience since 2005 has been in the retailing of technology, primarily in Apple Reseller stores in Kuala Lumpur. My primary focus has always been to match customer needs to the right products and services, to troubleshoot when things fail to perform as expected, and to train customers to get the most of their products and services. I have taken leadership roles from an early stage and have consistently proven that developing a continuous learning culture is the best way to create a great retail experience.

A major reason for retail’s existence is the role they play as experts in their field. The age of online selling proves this point – choice and availability is essentially endless on the internet. Purchasing by trial and error works great for affordable and disposable items. Technology, especially in Malaysia, is in a (let’s call it) discerning category. You can save money by getting the right solution(s) at the first time of asking.

This is where I come in. As a service provider, my job is to listen to your needs and to come up with complete solutions. This includes advising against certain products and services, without forcing my opinion. The final choice is always yours.

Why we should work together


There's always a large catalogue of products and services when you're looking for tech solutions. I'll narrow down the best options for you.

Service provider

I'll be working for your benefit. Save money by getting the right information. And getting the job done right.

Expert advice

The right solutions just work right. I'll tell you why I recommend items, and why I don't.

Tech translation

Feature lists and technical specifications may be jargon to you. I'll translate these into real-world benefits. In plain English.

Time flexibility

Make appointments that fit your schedule. Your non-work hours can be my work hours.

On-site service

A site visit may be the best way to provide the right solution. I am based in Selangor, and Kuala Lumpur is nearby. Get in contact for availability in other locations.

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